Our Services

Self Storage

Self-Storage real estate is a very specialized service in commercial property. Self-storage facilities rent space on a short-term basis to individuals or to businesses. Some facilities offer boxes, locks, and packaging supplies for sale as well.


Omega Properties, Inc. has years of experience selling land and will guide you through the process. Based on the zoning, we establish how the property can be developed, estimate how the property value will increase overtime, and the most lucrative use of the property.

Ready to Buy or Sell?

We collect information such as previous vacancy rates, annual income, the types of taxes on the property, and the value of surrounding property. We are committed to providing our clients and our community with great investments. Omega Properties, Inc. is equipped with years of professional experience negotiating prices, leases, and helping mitigate risk for our clients

Commercial Real Estate

Omega Properties, Inc. is proud of the service that they offer to each individual client. We research all commercial properties to ensure you make the best investment. Commercial property refers to a wide variety of buildings that are leased including retail, office, warehouse, industrial, and mixed-use buildings.

Our Specialization

National Market Knowledge

Understanding of large buyers and sellers. Detects Emerging trends and familiar with financing sources.

National Advertising

Monthly advertisements in the industries trade publications, the Mini Storage Messenger, Inside Self Storage, and The SSA Globe

Knowledgeable Local Brokers

Local market knowledge, including: Owners, Buyers, Laws, Brokers, Pricing, Development sites, Developers, Lenders.

Convention/Trade Show Participation

Generates Personal Contact with potential sellers and Buyers across the country

Detailed Property Presentation

Distribute clear, comprehensive information on individual listings

Centralized Call Center

Provides easy access for both buyers and sellers, and allows ASSSN to Direct Interested Parties to the appropriate Argus Broker Affiliate

We Provide the Best Service in Industry‚Äč